Testimonials for Hearthstone by the Bay and Hearthstone by the Lake

"Feeling of community"

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"The service, kindness and understanding of my needs"

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"Warmth of the staff."

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"Being around friendly people"

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"Super staff in all departments who go beyond to assist in every way they can"

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"I enjoy living here because of the friends I made"

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"Helpful and friendly staff"

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"Always something to do and always someone to be with, but only when you want to!"

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"We have the best people"

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What would be the number one thing you enjoy about the Hearthstone Club?


Feeling that I am part of a community

Feel safe and friendship

Friendly atmosphere shown by everyone – staff and members!!

The other owners who live here.

Playing cards and being with friends

Dining room and library


I enjoy everything I do at Hearthstone. What more could we want?

People are friendly. Owners on the whole are friendly. Our grounds are a delight.

Companionship is there when you need or want it. Friendliness of staff.

Privacy and the ability to pick and choose the services I require and the ability to add services as required.

Living at Hearthstone for me is feeling safe, comfortable, and being able to get any help that I might need. I like feeling that I am not entirely on my own and enjoying the company of other residents

Most services and activities are available and friendly people.

The sense of community.

I have lived at Hearthstone for 13 years and have enjoyed all those years

The friendliness of all the staff and the residents

A caring, efficient, friendly and inviting staff; 2) friendly residents – a good atmosphere here! Thank you

Being part of a small but varied community – social interactions, etc.

Activities, friends, excellent staff, easy access to amenities that are close by.

Activities available, location of our building, services such as taxi, hairdressing, etc. are so accessible.

The on-site availability of care and services, in a most pleasant environment

Friendliness and understanding of the other residents.

Number one enjoyment for me has been meeting all these kind and welcoming residents and staff members

The group of people here, both the residents and the employees.

Wonderful staff (Hearthstone)

The people and activities.

The friendship and camaraderie

People and staff are very friendly.

The different social activities!

#1 The dining room!

I love meeting people and being helpful when needed.

The feeling of a loving and caring community.

Availability of nursing care when we need it.

Being part of a community.

We ourselves, and our grown up children, are impressed with the club’s staff commitment to providing such pleasant and friendly service and assistance. Thank you all

Thank you all for your dedication and hard work!

We love living here. Hearthstone staff are warm, caring, helpful – far exceeds our expectations.

The feeling of belonging together from the “staff” – no feeling of “them” and “us”. We are here for each other – residents and staff. It’s a great place. Good people working here (and good residents)

Sense of community and options in choices! Friendliness of staff and other residents.

Staff are friendly and helpful, the recreation program.

The pleasant staff.

General degree of satisfaction and happiness. Wonderful staff, always so helpful and smiling.

You always feel welcome to join any group. No need to sit in your suite and be lonely. We have an excellent library and a monthly book club

The companionship of other residents

It is a happy place – music in the well-lit halls – folk are friendly and helpful and courteous.

1) The personal staff is really nice and helpful;
2) the residents are nice and pleasant;
3) the food and services are excellent

The fellowship of the other owners, the chats in the lounge, the beautiful landscaping. Staff goes above and beyond.

Wow – that’s a tough thing to do – how do I pick the #1 thing!! I think I would have to say sense of/feeling of “community spirit” that prevails at Hearthstone – between the staff and residents and the residents with each other. You feel safe and secure here night and day – help is right on hand for any emergency. Following closely, the other things I’d like to mention here are: the well-stocked, lovely library (I’m an avid reader). The book selection is varied and just great. The attractive buildings; beautiful gardens; dedicated, friendly, helpful staff – all departments get 5-star ratings. There are beautifully appointed common areas. The first time I entered Hearthstone, I was enchanted by the décor and homey feeling it gave me after the stark buildings and condos the realtor showed me. It “sold” me – and also my spacious, lovely condo here gave me the same feeling. I think, too, it is the “rare jewel” of retirement homes. The planning that went into Hearthstone really shows. This includes the various committees where staff and residents work and plan together. To sum it up, I “love” residing in my lovely condo and being part of this wonderful community