Our Services meet your needs
Now and in the future… and you never move to access them.

We believe there needs to be a base of services to meet your immediate needs, the ones that are causing you to move.

Beyond that we believe you should be able to contract only for the services you need, when you need them and you should never have to move to gain access to them. All the service you need, when you need it, all discretely delivered behind the door of your condominium suite.

Meeting your needs now and in the future

The Basic Service Package (BSP) is the foundation of the Hearthstone concept. By buying the unit you continue to protect the equity that you have in your family home. The BSP is designed to provide the essential services in retirement, at a rate that’s affordable over the long term. We don’t assume that we know what’s best for you. The BSP provides the basics in retirement services and beyond that we provide what you need, when you need it.

The BSP provides all of the amenity areas that you’ll enjoy in the Hearthstone Clubhouse. It also provides emergency response 24 hours a day and a permanent health and wellness clinic on-site, so you don’t have to drive to most appointments…. the services come to you. The BSP also provides for the dining room staff, in the kitchen and in the dining room. The Recreation/Activities Director who programs and runs all the fitness, activities, outings, social events and religious services is paid for by the BSP and the regular housekeeping that’s done in your suite, is considered a part of the Basic Service Package as well.

Beyond the BSP you pay for only the additional services that you contract for. When you no longer need those additional services you simply end the contract and go right back to the BSP level.


Additional Services – only when you need them

The Basic Service Package offers access to all the Club spaces and services like emergency response and a monthly credit in the dining room. All of your social, recreational and fitness endeavours are covered as well in the Basic Service Package, but beyond these services are the services that provide for individual needs and we think you should contract for those only if you need them and for as long as you need them. It’s one of the main ways that Hearthstone stays affordable and ensures that you or your spouse is not paying for services that are really not required. But, whether it’s convenience services or wellness and support services, whether it’s getting your hair done and a massage or seeing the foot doctor and getting physiotherapy, it’s all available.


Wellness packages – if needs change over time

We want to ensure that your needs are being met from the very first day you join us at Hearthstone. We’ll meet with you and ensure that we know exactly what your service and care needs are and we can create a program that meets your individual needs.

Over time needs change and many retirement residences will ask you to move when you need additional services and care. At Hearthstone you own the unit that you live in; you decide what services you want, when you want them and we discretely deliver that service to your suite, no moving to a different floor or a different building, just a simple phone call to get more or less service, whenever you want it.


Dining (Restaurant, Take-out and groceries delivered to your door)

We assume that you won’t want to eat every meal, every day in the same dining room. The BSP gives you a monthly credit for a number of meals in our dining room, or in the bar if you would like something more casual. You can choose to use the monthly credit for take-out if you’d like to enjoy your suite, but have our chef make the meal.

The private dining room is also available for friends and family but at Hearthstone, you have a full kitchen and dining area for entertaining in your suite. Having options for food and setting, make dining so much more enjoyable. You’ll find there are lots of options for dining at Hearthstone.


Recreation /Activities /Fitness

Enthusiastic Directors provide activities to meet your needs for fitness, recreation, fun and entertainment. Our Directors will organize both the on-site and off-site activities with input from you and your Hearthstone friends on what you would like to do. Shopping trips, wine country excursions, theatre, guest lectures, live entertainment are all possibilities on the monthly calendar.



We all age differently and as couples we age differently as well.

The move to a retirement residence for couples is often because one spouse needs the care, not both. At Hearthstone, you have a sizable living space that’s comfortable for two people with the convenience of a full kitchen and in-suite laundry.

More importantly, we’ll not ask you to move or worse yet, one of you to move to access additional care. We’ll provide the care required, for the time it’s required in your condominium home.

Also looking at the longer term, the Hearthstone model of owning the suite and paying just for the Basic Service Package means that for one person or for two, the arrangement is much more affordable than rental retirement over the long term, providing financial peace of mind in what can be a tumultuous time.